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What Is Credit Repair?

If you're struggling to get the business funding at the parameters you'd like, or home, auto, and more, it can be because your credit is less than desirable. With Credit Repair, you get a professional company that Analyzes the weak points, and disputes on your behalf with the bureaus and creditors as well as is in accordance with doing everything effectively. There are many companies out there but many others also have a higher cost attached, they drag the process, have additional constraints and are not as effective overall.

Here Are The Benefits And Pricing:

You get a prepared in-depth credit analysis from the 3-bureaus reports obtained with your Identity Protection account and use them to calculate and indicate areas of improvement for your credit score. With the specialized programming, put together are fine-tune individualized plans to clean up your credit and boost your score! Both items below are REQUIRED for full credit repair service.

- Individual Plan at $129 for a full credit analysis, and plan of action with advanced metro 2 dispute process so you don't have to worry about getting the best and a bunch more I will show you in the review video below. Here's more for this plan:

- Updates in your own secured Client portal

 - Access To Credit Boosters 

 - Customer Support and Disputing Agent

- Month to Month service

- No upfront costs, Cancel Anytime.

Identity protection at $27.99. These are 3 bureau fico scores and reports along with more like this:

- 100% U.S.-Based Customer Service Support

- Credit Monitoring to alert for suspicious activity

- $25k ID Theft Insurance

-  Alerts for new accounts

 - Fraud Restoration

 - Checking Account Report

- Lost Wallet Protection

The Key Benefits of Working With Us And More Details

Experienced Staff

(Hassle-free process at your fingertips with a team of Experts who know what they're doing)

Fast Response Time And Time To Approve

(You will get a follow up with the details to get started and information needed completed)

Certified Expertise

(You get an Expert at your fingertips who's most up to date in the space to help you fix and repair your credit without worry)

Character Driven

(We care about more than just your business But You as a person and making sure you are at your optimal best)

Great Timing

(Everything is about getting you back on your feet and making sure it's done accurately and in the best of time is important)

How It Works (In 6 Fast And Simple Steps)...

STEP 1: Enter Your Information

There will be a form you can fill out with simple details about your credit repair submisson.

STEP 2: We will review your submission

I will review your submission and I'll get you connected into my portal submission for the staff to have on hand too.

STEP 3: Moving Forward

You'll then get connected in about 30 minutes to an hour or so on a call with the expert to go over the details and information to complete.

STEP 4: Credit Restoration Agreement

You will get a credit restoration agreement to complete in order to fully work on your file.

STEP 5: Get Your Account Set Up

You will get a chance to sign up for your credit monitoring account.

STEP 6: Done!

When everything is submitted, the processing team will have everything needed to then start the credit repair process.

See Some Of Our Funding Results:

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About Us

At Viral Funding Solutions we've helped 10's of 1,000's+ of People get their Credit Repaired And get back on their feet to get the best funding options, as well for many other reasons in life.

 We've funded all types of companies and continue to share our best tips and secrets to getting funding so you can build, grow, expand, and even get out of a tight pinch. When the banks say no, we say yes :)

It's YOUR Money, Go Ahead And Clear Your Debt Before It's Too Late!

The Credit Restoration program we have is VERY Popular right now but the parameters could change at any time and you'll find it harder to get in earlier rather than later (look at what's happened with the "SBA EIDL Funding" and even the "PPP Funds" - changed and Gone!) and you'll lose your  chance to improve credit faster rather than later so you can get after what you need now or in the near future. Do you want to be "that" person sitting on your couch living in regret thinking to yourself "what if?" Or the one who said "I Did it?"

About Michael (The Business Loan Broker And Funding Expert)

Michael started like any and every 9-5 employee with the dream to become their own boss as a Business Owner/Entrepreneur -  In the start of his journey and further down the road, he had to figure out the ropes to getting business financing to build, grow, expand, and even get out of a tight pinch...

going through the struggles and troubles of getting funding let alone find the right source with the right partnership and roadmap was the challenge. Eventually he did find his way, and after funding his multiple businesses, he decided to use his knowledge and expertise to help others get business funding through the lens of an education first approach with personalization and customized business funding second as well as so you wouldn't have to go down the wrong path and making mistakes after mistakes like he had. That's when Viral Funding Solutions was born.

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