DAC UPDATED 2022-2023 Requirements/Qualifications/Services Page

I created this page just in case any NEW DAC Qualifications were to change as well as services/products AND so You can read over the qualifications One more time so you meet ALL the Business Capital requirements for up To $25k and Up To $2,000,000 as well as up to $100,000 for the line of credit (and potentially more) As well as others...and don't end up wasting your time filling out an application you won't qualify for. See ALL Programs Below and select one option (buttons below each image and go to the navigation tab to get started)... And if you are asked for an agent name and ID, it is "Michael Granados" with "102537113"

For Funding Up To $25k and Up To $2,000,000(Keep Scrolling below to see all):

For Up To $2,000,0000:

For Personal Account Funding:

For Lines Of Credit:

For Asset Backed Funding On Commercial Real Estate Property and or Developable Land:

For Equipment Financing:

For Canada Funding:

NOTE 1: We can evaluate you for a "lump sum" and a line of credit together IF you qualify or you may just qualify for one (perhaps neither) but you can also stick with one option. In the app sequence you can select "Both", but if you don't qualify, go for the advance/term loan, more so the advance. 

NOTE 2: Be ready to upload your 3 months of recent business bank statements (or personal if Giggle) a copy of your drivers license, and a voided check and I/we will get it in our backend and will review.