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What Is The ERC ?

The Employee Retention Credit (ERC or ERTC) is a Refundable Payroll Tax Credit (Not a Loan) designed to reward many businesses Up to $26,000 Per Employee for retaining employees during COVID-19. The credit was intially signed into law March 2020 as part of the CARES Act. The credit was then later expaned upon with the Consolidated Appropriations Act in December 2020 and the American Rescue Plan Act in June 2021.

You Are Eligible If You Had W2 Employees In 2020 or 2021 And ANY Of The Three Following:

1. If you had a reduction in Revenue...

 50% Reduction in 2020 - If you had a reduction in your gross receipts  in 2020 when comparing to the same quarter in 2019 by at least 50%and/or 20% Reduction in 2021 ...

 If there is a reduction in your gross receipts in 2021 when comparing to the same quarter in 2019 by at least 20%

2. If your business was impacted by a Government Mandate...

If a governmental order had more than a nominal impact on your business operations, such as:

  • Required to fully or partially suspend operations tied to governmental orders.
  • Inability to obtain critical goods or materials from suppliers because they were required to suspend operations due to governmental orders.
  • Limiting occupancy to provide for social distancing due to governmental orders.
  • Governmental orders to shelter in place preventing employees from going to work.
  • Other similar impacts from government.

 3. If you started your business after February 15, 2020...

If you started a business after February 15, 2020, and had annual gross sales receipts less than $1,000,000.

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The Key Benefits of Working With Us

Experienced Staff

Fast Response Time

Certified Expertise

How It Works (In 3 Fast And Simple Steps)...

You will work directly with our Expert Payroll Management Experts (BEST Of The BEST Literally) To:

STEP 1: Enter Your Information

Figure out how much you could get back in literally minutes by answering a few basic questions about your company for Free - No Application cost, or hidden fees.

STEP 2: File Online In Minutes

Our safe and secure portal allows you to streamline the complex process so you can upload payroll and tax documents needed to get you the highest amount back possible.

STEP 3: Receive Your Check

The US Treasury will receive and process your claim and then issue your refund so you can push forward with more confidence and certainty.

NOTE: The service charge is based on a percentage of credit recovered.  We calcluate and provide our fee with our free analysis - it's low and usually you see 15% if you pay later or you can choose the 10% if you want to pay upfront with that option and that's the fee on the total amount you receive that it comes out of. Other companies out there charge between 20%-25% which is higher and can be less effective too.

Since we typically are able to recover 10%-20% more than someone less familar with the program our fee is Very afforable. Just like a good CPA, using the right team (with decades of payroll experience) for this process will pay for itself.

You get higher approval odds (BY FAR, it's Crazy how much) then just going to your own CPA and they don't maximize and know all the complex tax codes (the ERC Tax code is over 200 pages) that come with payroll and so forth. Plus...

You have to keep in the mind the amount of work it takes for us to fufill and file on your behalf and so forth to make sure this is done right so you're not making mistakes time after time, wasting energy and time only to find out you didn't get enough credit or any at all.

About Us

At Viral Funding Solutions we've helped 10's of 1,000's+ get the ERC through our Exclusive Partnership to expert payroll management experts as your go-to destination for ERC as well as safe and secure alternative small business capital fast and simple.

 We've funded all types of companies and continue to share our best tips and secrets to getting funding so you can build, grow, expand, and even get out of a tight pinch. When the banks say no, we say yes :)

It's YOUR Money, Go Ahead And Claim It Before It's Too Late!

The ERC Credit Is projected to be around until 2024 if not 2025 but it can LITERALLY be closed at any time (look at what's happened with the "SBA EIDL Funding" and even the "PPP Funds" - Gone!) and you'll lose your reward and chance to put the credit back into your business. Do you want to be "that" person sitting on your couch living in regret thinking to yourself "what if?" Or the one who said "I Did it?"

About Michael (The Business Loan Broker Expert)

Michael started like any and every 9-5 employee with the dream to become their own boss as a Business Owner/Entrepreneur -  In the start of his journey and further down the road, he had to figure out the ropes to getting business financing to build, grow, expand, and even get out of a tight pinch...

going through the struggles and troubles of getting funding let alone find the right source with the right partnership and roadmap was the challenge. Eventually he did find his way, and after funding his multiple businesses, he decided to use his knowledge and expertise to help others get business funding through the lens of an education first approach with personalization and customized business funding second as well as so you wouldn't have to go down the wrong path and making mistakes after mistakes like he had. That's when Viral Funding Solutions was born.

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