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 See If You Qualify For The  Business Credit Card Funding Your Business Needs

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What Is The Credit Line Hybrid?

The Credit Line Hybrid is like a traditional business line of credit but even more super powerful on the fact that you can use it as a revolving credit line on a credit card and even be able to liquidate the cash out of these 0% Interest business credit cards and use the cash on hand for Any investment you choose. It's a one of a kind service that allows you to be more flexibile and seperate your personal from business.

You Are Eligible If You Have The Following:

 1.700+ Consumer Credit On ALL 3 Consumer Credit Bueraus

 (Get a credit partner or in other words a guarantor who owns at least 10% of the business and they can use their credit to apply. No Authorized user works.)

 2. You Have A Credit Card 3 Years old with a $5,000+ limit (Must be a primary card)

 3. Have a Minimum of two (2) open revolving account with a year and a half of good payment history

4. Have Under 40% utilization on all revolving accounts

5. No more than 4 unsecured accounts open in the past 12 months

6. No more than 4-6 inquiries per bureau in the last 6 months- preferably less
7. No bankruptcies within the past 7 years

8. No open (unpaid) collections, liens or judgments

**This program does require a Personal Guarantee from you or your credit partner if you use one. NO AUTHORIZED USER ACCOUNTS for qualification. Also, please have a Business EIN at the very least (all Incorporations such as sole-proprietor, LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp, etc. are welcome, and having at least an LLC is best to get the most and best)**

 Don't meet these credit requirements BUT have at least a 680+ Experian Credit Score and would like to get access to personal funding in the combination of term loans, lines of credit, and credit cards?

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 Don't meet these credit requirements for the 680+ and 700+ and possibly have bad credit or good credit still AND have business bank statements to get funding with?

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The Key Benefits of Working With Us

Experienced Staff

(Hassle-free process at your fingertips with a team of people who know how to help)

Fast Response Time And Time To Approve

(24 hour pre-approvals withing 2-5 weeks to fund)

Certified Expertise

(Experts at your fingertips who have helped 100,000's of people)

Low Interest

(0% Interest For 6-18 Months!)

Great Terms

(Up To 18 Month terms so you have more than enough time before the 0% ends)

How It Works (In 4 Fast And Simple Steps)...

Getting Started is this simple and easy...

STEP 1: Enter Your Information

Figure out how much you could get by first completing our intake form for a one on one with my internal team with a consultation with a representative.

STEP 2: Submit Your Application

Submit your application for a SOFT pull on your credit to determine your creditworthiness and to see if you'll qualify.

STEP 3:Get Pre-Qualifed In Minutes

You will get pre-qualified in as little as 24 hours.

STEP 3:Get Pre-Qualifed In Minutes

You get to meet directly with the Credit Line Hybrid advisors and you get access to your credit lines.

If you are NOT approved, you’ll find out why, as well as what you can do to get approved.

NOTE:There is a one time Success Fee of 9.9% that is due after you have received access to your credit lines. If you don't get approved - you don't pay. Best of all, you can use your new 0% credit lines to pay the success fee.

 That fee is also how the lenders compensate themselves, by offering you a low interest of 0% with monthly payments and terms up to 18 months. The amount that needs to be fufilled and effort it takes on our behalf is something you need to consider and the rates you get are usually better than anything else out there and compared to the alternatives like a personal funding, and a Merchant Cash Advance for one...

You get better terms and rates that easily makes up for this (BY FAR, it's Crazy how much). The fee is Not ridicolous when it's unsecured (no collateral) MAX Funding. You can "maybe" walk into a bank and "maybe" qualify for let's say $10k, where I and my team can help you get $100k with our resources and expertise which is also why we charge a 9.9% success fee.

You also have to keep in mind the benefit exceeding your repayment and how you'll use your funds to potentially double, triple, quadruple your revenue and or perhaps save more and keep your business afloat which keeps your repayments low over time compared to other services. This is normal and expected.

About Us

At Viral Funding Solutions we've helped 10's of 1,000's+ get the Credit Line Hybrid through our Exclusive Partnership to the best lenders as your go-to destination for business credit card funding as well as safe and secure alternative small business capital fast and simple.

 We've funded all types of companies and continue to share our best tips and secrets to getting funding so you can build, grow, expand, and even get out of a tight pinch. When the banks say no or limit you, we say yes and have stronger negotiation power :)

It's YOUR Money, Go Ahead And Claim It Before It's Too Late!

The Credit Line Hybrid is VERY Popular right now but the requirments could change at any time due to this unstable market and you'll find it harder to get (look at what's happened with the "SBA EIDL Funding" and even the "PPP Funds" - changed and Gone!) and you'll lose your  chance to get 0% interest business credit cards and be able to put the money to work for your business and for many more reasons. Do you want to be "that" person sitting on your couch living in regret thinking to yourself "what if?" Or the one who said "I Did it?"

About Michael (The Business Loan Broker Expert)

Michael started like any and every 9-5 employee with the dream to become their own boss as a Business Owner/Entrepreneur -  In the start of his journey and further down the road, he had to figure out the ropes to getting business financing to build, grow, expand, and even get out of a tight pinch...

going through the struggles and troubles of getting funding let alone find the right source with the right partnership and roadmap was the challenge. Eventually he did find his way, and after funding his multiple businesses, he decided to use his knowledge and expertise to help others get business funding through the lens of an education first approach with personalization and customized business funding second as well as so you wouldn't have to go down the wrong path and making mistakes after mistakes like he had. That's when Viral Funding Solutions was born.

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