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What Is A Merchant Cash Advance?

Want to get the fastest and most reliable way to get your business funded (In less than a day) Without collateral, no hard credit checks, and bad credit is acceptable? PLUS: Get from 4-24 month terms and up to $5,000,000 you can put to use right away?

Business Term Loans

Are you interested in getting terms of 1-2 years and up to $2.5 Million with a same-day decision and have strong enough FICO credit?

Equipment Financing

With Equipment Financing you can purchase just about any piece of equipment your business needs and have longer terms.

Startup Small Business Loans

A Small Business Loan can be used to fund big or small projects, use it for equipment, emergency funds, and a lot more uses for. These are known as either Business Term Loans or can be SBA Loans.

Business Line Of Credit

Instead of getting a "lump sum" of cash wired to your account, you can get a "revolving line of credit" where you can take out as much as you'd like from your total approved amount to use for emergencies, cash flow, and much more.

SBA Loans

Are you in need of government assistance and would like to get an SBA Loan of any type so you can use to continue building, growing, expanding, and even getting out of a tight pinch? SBA Loans may be the right fit.

New Construction Loans

Are you a home builder in need of getting "THE" Industry-Leading capital for that new ground up construction project you've been urging to learn more about and get started with? With my lender(s) in the new construction space, you will get the Absolute best, the best treatment, fast underwriting process, and much more so you can finally move forward with more confidence and certainty, which means you'll give yourself a break and feel relieved more often.

Accounts Receivable Financing

Do you have unpaid invoices you'd like to give away to a factoring company in return for funds? You can use your unpaid invoices as collateral and have more control over any other asset based lending option to get the financing you need.

Asset Based Financing

Are you interested in using your collateral like Accounts Receivables, Inventory, Equipment and Real Estat to get "secued financing?"

Real Estate Financing

Are you a Real Estate Investor looking to purchase your next (or first) property and need proper guidance on the best way to get funding with the best terms and rates?

Building Business Credit

Is your business credit profile restricting you from getting any business funding or reducing the amount you believe you can get? Find out how to build business credit with this free video series...

Business Credit Lines (Free Video Series)

Are you in need of a business credit card or multiple business credit cards even at 0% interest for 6-20+ months without any documents needed, no collateral, and no down payment?

Credit Repair

Are you struggling to get approved for the best rates and terms with more funding because you have credit reports in bad shape? Ready to get your credit repaired the Right way?

Debt Restructuring

If you're drowning in MCA debt and are sick and tired of perhaps getting declined everywhere for like an SBA Loan, online bank term loan and other services and are in need of restruturing your MCA debt along with other business debt, this one is for you...

Reverse Debt Consolidation (NOT Recommended Before Debt Restructuring)

If you Absoluteley can not get approved for any type of debt consolidation/debt restructuring, Refinance under another larger loan and service and more, then the Reverse Debt Consolidation is your last resort - A Larger loan will be serviced to you in exchange for taking on the daily or weekly payments incurred from a merchant cash advance

Refundable Tax Credit

Would getting up to $26,000 PER Employee in a refundable tax credit help you build, grow, expand, and even get out of a tight pinch?

Grant Opportunties 2024

How would getting a grant to jumpstart and get your startup business on the right track sound? 

Payment Processing (Cash Discounting)

What if you had the right credit card machine and processor to help you accept payments online, in person or on the go while passing over some of your payment processing cost on to your customers when they pay by card? How about getting a one-stop shop designed to save you money so you get the best customized solution for you?


Are you in the market for highly affordable and high-quality Healthcare with up to 60% savings? If you'd like to upgrade your healthcare and save and you're self-employed and or a 1099 employee (but available for W2 employees too), this is a great route to take. Check it out below.

Employee Pay Advance

How does having "The" competitive edge in attracting and retaining your employees by giving them the safety and security as well as financial flexibility they deserve with our Interest-Free Pay Any-Day Advance? Through this service, they can get up to 50% of their paycheck BEFORE pay day - as soon as their income is reported to payroll. There is no interest cost to your employees - and no cost to you!

Accounting Services

Are you falling behind on your Books, perhaps budgeting incorrectly or need to find a more suitable way to navigate your business financially so you can focus on your business and spending more time enjoying your life without financial stress and mess? Being a business owner doesn't mean you have to be in it by yourself, you have a team of people who can and want to help you - If you're not doing things "in-house", look at outsourcing your accounting services, see the button below for more.

Financial Literacy Academy

The best relief is educating yourself and staying up to date in your Fiancial Literacy of the world and understanding your books, debt management, tax and entity set up to asset protection, retirement planning strategies for yourself, your loved ones and more. Click the button below to get your Financial Literacy game on.

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