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I'm here to get you the best loan and funding possible without a struggle.

Michael is super helpful and easy to work with when it comes to helping you get the right small business loan and cash advance. Thanks to him, I was able to fund my Pet care business and keep my doors open.


Pet Care

New Here?

One-on-one Consulting

Michael will get on 1-1 phone calls (when it makes most sense to do - It's not always needed and necessary), social media consults, SMS, text messaging and all ways of communication to give you a hand.

Group Program

We have a dedicated Facebook Group of like minded individuals wanting funding and is a safe haven for you to get All the help you need.

Digital Products

We can support you in your marketing and bring you fresh leads too as well as other ways of improving your businesses cash-flow, profitability, Margins, EBIDA, and financial literacy.

What Is Viral Funding Solutions?

We save you A Lot of time, energy, money and especially the pain of sifting through endless business funding solutions such as online marketplaces that don't always give you a clear picture and a Proper Breakdown of your best option(s) and show you Everything you need to know before walking into an application with 100% confidence and certainty that you won't only get approved but be satisfied with what you're getting...

 and to give you the most legitimate and helpful source of programs and lenders so you can have a safe, secure, and hassle free application process. With an expert loan broker like Michael you will get a more personalized and customized response with what's best for you once and for all.

How It Works

STEP 1: SUBMIT A Pre-qualification 

Fill out a simple one page pre-qualification questionnaire to get a highly personalized and customized evaluation and analyzation on your best funding option(s) broken down from top to bottom very specifically - that takes less than 2 minutes to fill out the form, and you'lll also receive a Free 6-step pre-approval checklist to get you ready for application time.

STEP 2: Get Funding options fast

I (Michael) will reach out to you with a free email consultation to go over your best funding option(s), qualifications, how it works, numbers broken down very thoroughly, pro tips, bonus tips, and how to proceed easily without a hassle.

STEP 3: Get Funded Quickly

If everything looks good, you'll be presented with your place to go fill out an application where you can get super fast funding.

Our Services

Small Business Loans

Merchant Cash Advances

Asset based loans

Financial consulting

Real Estate Financing

Business Lines Of Credit

Startup Loans

Credit monitoring

Equipment Financing

Personal Loans

Accounts recievable finacning 

Customer Financing

Payment Processing


Micro Loans

Credit Repair

Credit Monitoring



PPP Loans

SBA Loans

Business Credit Building

About Michael

Michael started with a background in Digital Marketing helping small businesses with their marketing and sales and then later came across the loan broker/funding field when he saw his friends and family struggling to get proper funding as well for his own business and that's where the journey began. He's served clients in all different types of fields and understands very well the different small business loan types, cash advances, and ALL forms of funding he can bring you as an Expert as well as someone who goes above and beyond. 

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