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I'm  Michael Granados

First and foremost, I'm a small business owner of multiple businesses who understands the extreme troubles, complexities, and pressures of starting a business, building it, growing, expanding, and even getting out of a tight pinch, and after the many learning experiences in getting funding for my own businesses, I've turned the page...

I have stepped into the Business Loan Brokering world to help like-minded business owners of all industries finally and once and for all get safe alternative funding through many different types of funding services.

There's no better feeling than seeing the light shine so brightly in one's eyes, seeing the change in facial expression from uncertainty and worrisome to happiness, and of all the satisfaction is being able to provide the Upmost Value to an owners personal and business life through:

  • Listening 
  • Giving Constructive Feedback
  • Showing you my time and energy matters

These are the key ingredients to helping you build a sustainable business for many years to come.

You Might Be Asking Why Me, so here it is:

Why I Want To Help People

Aside from falling time and time again in business and looking for the right funding solution, I've also faced the harrasing phone calls from lending programs, getting emails after emails, texts after texts, and this happens multiple times a day...

And it doesn't end there - You get shown the wrong offer(s), and you most definitely Do Not get the feeling that you're Truly cared about in terms of getting to know you and your business thoroughly...

PLUS: These companies and people fail to give you a more "Customized" and "Individualized" approach, what do I mean?

You need help from someone who will give you a customized response with your option and options as well as the best one, the true qualifications, how it works details for detail, number by numbers broken down, and that's where I come in to help.

With Me you'll get a customized email response with all your options, video reviews, blog posts, and all sorts of information so you can make an educated and well-informed decision. No longer will you have to question everything and apply everywhere.

The Goal Of My Site

The Goal of Viral Funding Solutions is to help business owners and Real Estate Investors achieve an out of this world learning and educational experience, and second is to get unparalleled funding like you wouldn't find anywhere else. Within my site, you'll come across different lending services to help you better understand the right funding service for you...

You'll get my Blogging and Video content so you can stay on top of the latest information and get free material so you can stay in the know and be well prepared for getting approved for funds.

Why I'm Different

Like I eluded to earlier, if you look everywhere across the web, there are SO many programs you can go get funding with and then you have these "Online Marketplaces" that you submit your information to and then they disperse your information to all these programs/lenders who then call you time after time, email you over and over, text you every second of the day (feels like it)...

But you don't either get the best offers or you end up in a trap getting funding you never wanted, plus, the way you get help isn't as specific...

And that's where I come in - I'll give you a very simple and easy experience with your best option(s) and I really know what it takes to get approved since I have insider knowledge with my very close underwriters, my lenders and more!

So you're getting exclusive content you will not find anywhere else on the web.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out, and if you want to get in touch, you can click here to fill out a very quick funding submission form.

All The Best,

Michael Granados


P.S. Want to view the video version of my story? Click here to see my story on video


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