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  • No Minimum FICO score is needed 
  • N0 Collateral is needed
  • No Upfront out-of-pocket fees
  • No Negative impact to your personal or business credit, in many scenarios

Are You Current On Your MCA Payment(s)?
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What Is Debt Restructuring?

Are you drowining in MCA or MCA-like debt or any other forms of business debt and can't free enough cash-flow and continue your ongoing project(s) without worry and are ready for a team of experts who can help you restructure or settle so you can take back control of your business? Debt Restructuring is great when you can't consolidate exisiting debt with a new loan (or can but it's not enough or strong), you don't want a new loan from a reverse debt consolidation (way too expensive) and are having trouble refinancing debt under other services so you need exisiting debt lowered by an average of 40%-75% by Attorney-led industry experts will restructure your existing debt into more afforable ones.

You Are Eligible For "Restructuring Or Settlement" If You Have At Least A Minimum Of $30,000 In MCA Debt And Or MCA-Like Debt (i.e. Other Factored Lending Products) And OR ...

 $1,000,000 In Total Debt containing other business debt like business credit cards, bank loans, Tax liabilities, etc. Sometimes we can include business credit card debt in the MCA Restructure, but that will negatively impact your credit - If you are in pain though, you shouldn't care about that. IF You are doing a "Refinancing/Consolidation", the $30k minimum DOES NOT Apply.

- No Minimum FICO score is needed 

- N0 Collateral is needed

- No Upfront out-of-pocket fees

- No Negative impact to your personal or business credit, in many scenarios

- No New Loan

- Quick and easy application process

- Customized Offer/Term Sheet/closing call within 24 hours most of the time.

Aside From MCA's, here's the other debt we can restructure (determined on a case-by-case basis):

  • Government Loans
  • Vendor Debt
  • Supplier Debt
  • Commercial Real Estate Debt
  • Term Loans/LOCs
  • All forms of Tax Debt
  • Debt From Business Ventures
  • Business Credit Cards
  •  Bank Debt
  • Credit Union Business Debt
  • Non-Bank Busines Debt
  • Equipment Loans
  • Any unsecured business debt
  • Any secured business debt

MCA Debt Consolidation/Refinance Scenario:

An MCA Debt Restructure is The Absolute Best option when you can't get a new loan or it doesn't make sense to just quite yet with like an FDIC Bank and even SBA 7a Loan - These new loan options take stronger cash flow (1.15 or 1.25 Debt Service Coverage Ratio), stronger profitability - Reporting a profit, credit in the 680+ on all 3 credit bureaus for an FDIC Bank Term Loan or 675+ for SBA, the amount of current debt with your MCAs overleverage you,and plenty more to look at to qualify. 

To see if these consolidation situations would work, you can fill out the form above and I'll share with you more in time, and you can also pick up my Free Google Document Here for the FDIC Bank Term Loan option and more

The Key Benefits of Working With Us And More Details

Experienced Staff

(Hassle-free process at your fingertips with a team of Experts who know what they're doing)

Fast Response Time And Time To Approve

(24 hour approvals. Customized offer/term sheet/closing call within 24 hours most of the time)

Certified Expertise

(Attorney-Led Experts and Team at your fingertips who have helped 1,000's Upon 1,000's of people)

Character Driven

(We care about more than just your business But You as a person and making sure you are at your optimal best)

Great Reduced Percantages

(40-75%+ on average debe restructured and great structure for you to handle your debt more easily)

How It Works (In 6 Fast And Simple Steps)...

You will work directly with Myself and my team to...

STEP 1: Enter Your Information

We'll do an  in-depth analysis after you fill out our Debt Restructure Application, Business debt schedule, income projection form and sending in a few more things (I'll help gather this)

STEP 2: We will review your submission

We will review your submission and I'll get back to you with an update to see if you are accepted or not and email you over the information on that and what to do to move forward.

STEP 3: Moving Forward

I'll then rach out to you to follow up and schedule a one-on-one free call between you and one of our principals. Once the call is completed, I'll let you know what the next steps are from there.

STEP 4: Payment Analyst Walkthrough

You will be in contact with our payment analyst(s) to go over a customized plan for you to restructure your debt and more. 

STEP 5: E-Sign

After your plan is layed out on how to reduce your payments, you'll be able to e-sign to move forward.

STEP 6: Done!

You will have all that you need to know how to move forward in your debt restructure and all the expectations of making timely payments.

See Some Of Our Funding Results:

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About Us

At Viral Funding Solutions we've helped 10's of 1,000's+ get their Debt Restructured through our Exclusive Partnership to lenders as your go-to destination for more cash-flow as well as safe and secure alternative small business capital fast and simple.

 We've funded all types of companies and continue to share our best tips and secrets to getting funding so you can build, grow, expand, and even get out of a tight pinch. When the banks say no, we say yes :)

It's YOUR Money, Go Ahead And Clear Your Debt Before It's Too Late!

The Debt Restrcuture program we have is VERY Popular right now but requirements could change at any time and you'll find it harder to get (look at what's happened with the "SBA EIDL Funding" and even the "PPP Funds" - changed and Gone!) and you'll lose your  chance to put the cash-flow you have to work for your business and for many more reasons.

There are Bad programs out there Right now (more than ever) and especially in the "Debt Consolidation" space with predators that will tell you to default on your advance(s) and they will settle to then leaving you in the dust, so you have to be careful of the service and company you work with. Do you want to be "that" person sitting on your couch living in regret thinking to yourself "what if?" Or the one who said "I Did it?"

About Michael (The Business Loan Broker And Funding Expert)

Michael started like any and every 9-5 employee with the dream to become their own boss as a Business Owner/Entrepreneur -  In the start of his journey and further down the road, he had to figure out the ropes to getting business financing to build, grow, expand, and even get out of a tight pinch...

going through the struggles and troubles of getting funding let alone find the right source with the right partnership and roadmap was the challenge. Eventually he did find his way, and after funding his multiple businesses, he decided to use his knowledge and expertise to help others get business funding through the lens of an education first approach with personalization and customized business funding second as well as so you wouldn't have to go down the wrong path and making mistakes after mistakes like he had. That's when Viral Funding Solutions was born.

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